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Gel systems for high-throughput electrophoresis
Cleaver Scientific has introduced two gel systems designed for high-throughput electrophoresis of PCR products from 96-well microtiter plates: the compact multiSUB Midi 96 system and the multiSUB MIDI96 stretch. The multiSUB Midi 96 is designed to be used in conjunction with samples from 96-well plates to allow direct loading and easy identification of samples. The run length between samples is 17 mm. The multiSUB MIDI96 stretch has a run length of 34 mm for extended separations. According to the company, the system’s average runtime is 15–30 minutes, providing rapid identification of samples. Direct rapid sample loading is facilitated using 8 channel pipettes. Two different types of comb are available: one with 8 wells and one additional lane for DNA markers, and one with 8 wells plus two additional lanes for markers. Custom-made combs in other formats are also available on request.