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Molecular Biology
Genome-Builder software
OpGen's Genome-Builder software module is designed for precision sequence assembly and to decrease the time and labor required for human, animal, and plant genome sequence assembly.
By combining OpGen's whole-genome mapping technology with partially assembled sequences, Genome-Builder quickly and accurately orients long sequence scaffolds to provide a new level of assembly completion. In addition, Genome-Builder works seamlessly with OpGen's Argus Whole-Genome Mapping System to enable the high resolution characterization and visual confirmation of very challenging repetitive regions that cannot be resolved by next-generation sequencing or other currently available technologies.
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OpGen, Inc. is a leading innovator in rapid, accurate genomic and DNA analysis systems and services. The company has developed a platform, the Argus Whole Genome Mapping System and also offers MapIt Services that provide high resolution, whole genome restriction maps for sequence assembly and finishing, strain typing and comparative genomics in the life sciences market. This proprietary de novo technology is free from the limitations of gel, PCR and sequencing-based methodologies. Applications to expand whole genome mapping technology to clinical diagnostics are currently in development. OpGen's customers include leading genomic research centers, biodefense organizations, academic institutions, clinical research organizations and biotechnology companies. For more information, visit .