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ICW-3000 water purification system
The ICW-3000 water purification system produces ultrapure water that decreases contamination of samples.
Millipore announced the availability of the ICW-3000 water purification system. The system produces ultrapure water for Dionex IC (Ion Chromatography) systems, which can increase the precision of IC analyses. The ICW-3000 system provides a continual flow of ultrapure water to the eluent generator and regenerant lines of the suppressor. This reduces the carbonate content in the water, sharply decreasing contamination risks and improving experiment reproducibility, while also eliminating the need for helium, according to Millipore. The water system also eliminates the need for eluent preparation and instrument downtime that occurs when filling eluent bottles, reports the company. With only two tubes and one power cord to connect, the system is designed for simple plug-and-play installation. Everyday use is also easy; the user just fills the system’s 10-liter tank with pure water in order to produce a constant flow of ultrapure water for the IC system. The ICW-3000 system is remote-controlled by the Dionex IC system and the systems are compatible with each other, according to the company.
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