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Cell Biology
IN Cell Investigator v1.5 software
GE Healthcare's IN Cell Investigator v1.5 software is designed to be the latest addition to the Investigator range of user-friendly image analysis tools for automated high content analysis of live and fixed cells. The new features of the software provide users with the highest flexibility, meeting the needs of a wide range of image analysis activities in sub-cellular research and screening. In addition to building on over 50 validated applications, the new features of IN Cell Investigator v1.5 facilitate: Whole Well Analysis: the generation of a panoramic image through image stitching of overlapping images enables the analysis of whole wells, larger cell populations and model organisms Texture Analysis: for deeper insight into results, particularly for toxicology and cell cycle 3D-angiogenic tubules formation analysis De-clumping of heavily clustered colonies and populations containing binucleated cells, providing greater insight into stem cell colony analysis Cell feature tracking to get a temporal perspective of cellular processes
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