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IX81-ZDC2 Zero Drift Inverted Microscope System
The Olympus IX81-ZDC2 Zero Drift microscope system is a motorized inverted microscope with a comprehensive, integrated autofocus solution for investigators doing time-lapse experiments.
The IX81-ZDC2 Zero Drift system’s next-generation autofocus system is designed to operate continuously so that it maintains focus even when the events being observed happen very quickly and experiments occur over a short timescale. In addition, the system can be set to operate in a discrete, one-shot mode designed to facilitate applications that require maintaining multiple focus positions, such as experiments involving multi-well imaging. The system is optimized for use with total internal reflectance fluorescence (TIRF) and other advanced applications. The ZDC2 Zero Drift system uses a Class 1 785-nm laser diode to locate either the water/glass interface (for oil- or water-immersion objectives) or the air/glass interface (for non-immersion lenses). Samples can be mounted on coverslips, multi-well tissue culture plates, glass-bottom culture dishes, or other glass substrates.
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