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IlluminaCompute computing solutions
Illumina's IlluminaCompute is an integrated computing solution for its Genome Analyzer sequencing platform. IlluminaCompute is designed to be a flexible and scalable system for human scale genomic data analysis. The solution conserves IT resources by providing centralized high-performance computational and storage infrastructure, compared to the support required for individual, decentralized analysis servers. Because IlluminaCompute can be quickly and easily added to or reconfigured with support from Illumina, researchers can keep pace with changes to their computing needs with virtually no system down-time. IlluminaCompute bundles hardware, informatics software, and high-availability storage that is delivered and supported directly by Illumina’s customer solutions team. The system is tuned for a high-throughput sequence analysis workflow. Server and disk management overhead is kept to an absolute minimum, reducing the need for dedicated IT and bioinformatics staff. IlluminaCompute provides sufficient processing resources for computational-heavy analysis that requires clustered processing and shared data repositories, such as genome assembly, deep sequencing and metagenomics research. Comprehensive customer service is a key distinguishing factor with IlluminaCompute. Illumina evaluates customer needs and validates the installation site prior to installation. Once the system is installed and configured for the customer by Illumina technical service, it requires very little intervention or maintenance.
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About Illumina
Illumina is the leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of next-generation life-science tools and integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function. Using our proprietary technologies, we provide a comprehensive line of products and services that currently serve the sequencing, genotyping, and gene expression markets, and we expect to enter the market for molecular diagnostics. Our customers include leading genomic research centers, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, clinical research organizations, and biotechnology companies. Our tools provide researchers around the world with the performance, throughput, cost effectiveness, and flexibility necessary to perform the billions of genetic tests needed to extract valuable medical information from advances in genomics and proteomics. We believe this information will enable researchers to correlate genetic variation and biological function, which will enhance drug discovery and clinical research, allow diseases to be detected earlier, and permit better choices of drugs for individual patients.

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