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Immunoassay kits
At the 48th annual meeting of The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), PerkinElmer announced that it has expanded its AlphaLISA “No Wash” assay line. The line includes kits for detecting key biomarkers associated with inflammation, cancer, neurodegeneration, metabolic disorders, and angiogenesis. The kits can be run in a range of complex biological fluids without the need for arduous separation and wash steps. According to the company, the kits save time and eliminate labor-intensive processes that are difficult to automate and which reduce precision and can disrupt weak biomolecular interactions.
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PerkinElmer operates in 150 countries and is based in Waltham, MA. PerkinElmer develops research and diagnostic instrumentation technologies as well as clinical resources and support services, and is committed to designing, manufacturing, and servicing the leading scientific solutions for evolving health, safety, and environmental quality needs.