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Analytical Chemistry , Molecular Biology
Incubation ovens
Cleaver Scientific has introduced a new range of incubation ovens. According to the company, the incubators offer fast interchange between rotisserie and a variety of other shaking options including rocking, reciprocal, orbital, and vortex. Other features include a digital microprocessor control, chamber temperature range of ambientto 85°C, and a uniform temperature chamber accuracy of ±0.2°C. Available in no less than 10 options, CSLincubators have chamber dimensions of 340 mm × 260 mm × 250 mm, overall dimensions of 360 mm × 440 mm × 430 mm, and weigh approximately 25 kg.
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Cleaver Scientific is a leader in the design and manufacturing of electrophoresis equipment and related products for the life science market and general plastic fabrication and assembly. The company is committed to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in our people, products, and processes.