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Cell Biology
Iwaki Vecell 3-dimensional cell culture inserts
Iwaki Vecell 3-dimensional cell culture inserts, available from Sterilin, are designed to provide improved cultivation of adherent cell cultures and reliable cell growth.
The Vecell 3-Dimensional scaffold promotes cell adhesion and proliferation without causing cell stress. The Vecell membrane is porous, enabling both cells and medium to easily pass through, mimicking in vivo tissue. This encourages cell-cell interactions and metabolic activities to occur as they would in their natural environment. Additionally, the uniformly thin layered membrane has a collagen coated surface to aid cell attachment and promote cell growth. Further modification is not required before seeding cells. Cells cultured using a Vecell insert can be viewed using phase contrast microscopy and the membrane can also be easily prepared for use with both scanning and transmission electron microscopes. Vecell inserts are sterilised using ethylene oxide gas and are supplied in individual blister packs with pack quantities of 12 (for 6-well plates) or 24 (for 24-well plates) with a 2 year shelf life from the date of manufacture.
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Sterilin Ltd manufacture and supply a wide range of premium quality disposable plastic products for the life science market including Petri dishes, sample containers, pipettes and multiwell plates.