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Molecular Biology
LightCycler 1536 real-time PCR system
The LightCycler 1536 System from Roche Applied Science, which uses a proprietary 1536-well plate, is capable of performing high-speed, qPCR-based DNA/RNA analyses in an array-like format. The instrument is based on the LightCycler 480 Platform architecture. It comes with a novel thermal cycler module designed for heating and cooling miniaturized qPCRs in a multiwell plate with 1536 individual reaction wells. The instrument supports the combination of two excitation filters with two detection filters, which are optimized for detecting green intercalating dyes as well as monocolor and dual-color hydrolysis probes. This makes optical read-out as specific as possible for chemical detection formats, while reducing the overall complexity of experimental layouts in a high-throughput scenario. The basic software module of the new system allows users to set up and run reaction protocols easily.
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