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Cell Biology, Robotics/Automation
Liquid handling set
Inetegra Biosciences's new liquid handling set is designed to significantly aid scientists in keeping their cell culture work streamlined and organised when pipetting and aspirating liquids. The set includes a Pipetboy pipetting aid for accurately transferring media and buffers with serological pipettes, a Vacuboy hand operator for efficient vacuum removal of media and cell culture supernatants, and a Vacusafe comfort all-in-one aspiration system that ensures safe handling and containment of liquids. The set unites the Pipetboy and Vacuboy in a unique holding stand that ensures efficient use of the sterile area in your biological safety cabinet. Always organised in the optimum ergonomic position, the liquid handling tools are maintained within easy reach for fast, safe and effortless handling of cell cultures. Furthermore the stand allows users to 'park' their Pipetboy with inserted pipette thereby minimising the risk of contamination and making most economic use of sterile pipettes. Available with a range of aspirator adapters, the Vacuboy facilitates simple and rapid changing between applications. Constructed from stainless steel the liquid handling set stand is extremely durable and may be easily cleaned and sterilised.
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Integra Biosciences AG is a leading manufacturer of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling, media preparation, sterilisation, and cell cultivation. As a company, Integra Biosciences are committed to creating reliable and easy to use instruments which fulfil the growing needs of customers in research, diagnostics, and quality control laboratories within the life science markets.

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