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Lissy pipetting robot
Zinsser Analytics' Lissy is a pipetting robot that helps technicians with serial dilutions through the WinLissy software. WinLissy organizes the pipetting steps and decides whether a pre-dilution stage is required first. The Lissy robot is easy to use with a few mouse clicks. The steps can be imported from an in-house LIMS system or from data entered into an Excel spread sheet. The instrument can be made more flexible and used for multiple tasks by switching from tables to plates and by changing the layout. The system is available in various sizes from 90- to 200-cm long and can use various tubes, vials, and microtiter plates on its work bench. Stackers can also be added to increase capacity. The instrument can be equipped with up to 16 pipetting probes with or without an integrated gripper for moving plates, individual tubes, or tools. Lissy can be enhanced with additional modules such as sample identification, barcode reading, pH-measurement and adjustment, heating, cooling stations, vortexers and stirrers a characteristic of all Zinsser Analytic systems.
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Zinsser Analytic is an international company well known for systems in drug discovery and material science. As well as offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the USA, the company also has a worldwide network of distributors.