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Molecular Biology
Live Cell Imaging Cell Lines
Cellectis Bioresearch's VizuCELL cell lines is designed to be a tool for live cell imaging for biomedical research and cell biology.
The cell lines offer a tool to study temporal and spatial dynamic processes in living cells in order to get critical insights into morphological changes and physiological events in real time. The cell lines were generated by utilizing our proprietary TALEN technology to tag endogenous genes with a fluorescent signal controlled by the endogenous promoter. The product line comprises the most popular cell lines in imaging, including HeLa and U-2 OS, which are large cells growing in monolayers, therefore enabling unambiguously visualization of cell organelles and the cytoskeleton. The cell lines are suitable for non-invasive long-term monitoring. Due to stable endogenous protein expression the obtained information mirrors models closer to real life.
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