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Sample Preparation
MICROLAB 600 Series Diluter
Hamilton Company announced the release of the MICROLAB 600 that is designed to streamline sample preparation. The instrument features an internet-enabled controller with an icon-based graphical touch screen. Hamilton's patented Bubble Free Prime syringes eliminate trapped air bubbles to speed priming and solvent changes. A universal valve enables users to quickly switch from one task to another with minimal downtime. The instrument's chemically inert fluid path is ideal for harsh acid digestion in precious metals, while a specialized hand probe minimizes sample retention that can be a problem with viscous samples such as oil.
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From Clark Hamilton’s Microliter Syringe to Leading Laboratory Automation Technology, Hamilton’s expertise in liquid handling goes back to the development of the revolutionary Microliter syringe in 1947 by the company founder Clark Hamilton. The strategy of the company has been to grow through innovations based on its core competence in liquid handling and to favor high quality products over short-term profits. The advent of automation in the laboratory was anticipated early. In 1970, Hamilton had already introduced the first semi-automated diluter. The first fully automated workstation for sample preparation followed in 1980. Today’s STAR line instruments represent the latest development in a series of innovative liquid handling workstations. Thousands of Hamilton liquid handling workstations are serving customers in laboratories all over the world, some of the instruments with a track record of over 15 years.