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Antibody-based Protein Detection (Western, ELISA, IF, IP, IHC)
Marathon inkjet microarrayer
Arrayjet's Marathon inkjet microarrayer is the first non-contact microarrayer to combine high quality microarray production with medium throughput proficiency.
Capable of printing up to 100 slides, the Marathon platform is designed for those just starting out in microarraying, as well as more experienced users making the transition from pin spotting to ink spraying technologies. For those requiring even higher throughput, Arrayjet provides the Super Marathon and Ultra Marathon, the latter of which is capable of truly industrial scale microarray production, with the capacity to print 1000 slides in a single run. For researchers who require a smaller scale, but equally high quality solution to printing custom microarrays, Arrayjet provide the Sprint system which can print 20 slides per run.
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