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Microscope for Fluorescent Imaging in Small Animals
The iBox Explorer2 imaging microscope is designed for detection of fluorescent markers in small animals.
With magnification from whole mouse to individual cells, the microscope provides advances for cancer research studies. Researchers can now visualize tumor margins, micro metastasis and more with the wide range of magnifications from 0.17x to 16.5x. The upright optics provide an ultra-long working distance and high numerical aperture (NA) for detailed, exacting in vivo imaging research. The microscope produces detailed images of tissues and cells with the leading-edge cooled scientific grade CCD camera. VisionWorksLS software automates research with total system control and allows easy creation of templates for reproducible and consistent results. The microscope utilizes the BioLite Xe light source which provides bright illumination for multispectral fluorescent, visible, and NIR excitation. The BioLite Xe houses a 150-watt xenon lamp that supplies brilliant excitation of fluorescent probes for a variety of applications. The light source includes an eight-position emission filter wheel and convenient switching between experiments and multiplexing applications.
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UVP, LLC is the global leader in life science imaging supplying BioImaging Systems for academic, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. With core expertise as the leading manufacturer of ultraviolet products, UVP combines its innovative technologies with a specialization in fluorescent and luminescent-based imaging applications in the life sciences at the molecular, cellular, and whole organism life levels.