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Cell Biology
Motility Plates to Study Cell Migration
Cytoo's Motility plates are specifically designed to study cell migration for screening applications in oncology and drug discovery, showing characteristics closer to those found in vivo.
The product is based on the company's 2D+ cell culture platform of 24- and 96-well plates that employ standard and custom adhesive micropatterns to guide cell architecture and behavior in culture. By defining the 2D topology of cell adhesion, the 2D+ cell culture platform enables fine control of the spreading and 3D shape of cultured cells in single- or multi-cellular configurations. This approach results in control of cell contractility, cell polarity, organelle positioning, and cell division axis. This technology addresses a major concern with traditional 2D culture, in which cells spread and move in an uncontrolled manner, introducing a considerable but unnoticed variability in cell function.
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