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Nano-Cyte LC stabilization system
The Nano-Cyte LC is an image-based, platform-independent stabilization system for live cell imaging.
With Nano-Cyte LC, temperature gradients and microscope drift are no longer a problem. Long-term stability within the nanometer regime facilitates novel, live-cell, and single-molecule experiments. Nano-Cyte is an integrated suite of high precision motion control with automated active stabilization software. The Nano-Cyte interfaces with external hardware such as EMCCD cameras, light sources, and shutters.
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Mad City Labs, Inc. (Madison WI) is the leading US manufacturer of precision piezo based nanopositioning stages and nano-instrumentation. Our proprietary PicoQ sensor technology yields picometer precision under closed loop control with exceptional stability. Our products are implemented in electron and optical microscopy, metrology, photonics and imaging applications worldwide. More information about our products and instrument solutions can be viewed at