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Molecular Biology
Next-Generation Sample Prepartion Kit
Swift Biosciences' Accel-NGS DNA Library Kit is the first product in a new line of kits for next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation.
NGS users can now produce PCR-free libraries with as little as 5 ng of input DNA. The highly efficient Swift adaptation technology eliminates the need for PCR, thereby minimizing base composition bias and fidelity issues while reducing the input requirement. The unique, two-step adaptation process also reduces adapter dimer formation to maximize sequencing output. Unlike other kits, the Accel-NGS DNA Library Kit does not require intact double-stranded DNA, making it ideal for FFPE and damaged samples. The Accel-NGS DNA Library Kit protocol is fast, requiring only 75 minutes start-to-finish, and consists of 5 easy step, two of which are bead-based separations that eliminate the need for time-consuming, electrophoretic gel-based size selection. In addition, the streamlined Accel-NGS workflow can be easily automated.
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