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Nucleic-acid technologies: PCR
One-step RT-PCR master mix
Lucigen’s PyroScript RT-PCR 2X Master Mix Kit contains a novel enzyme in a convenient 2X master mix that performs both reverse transcription and PCR.
The thermostable enzyme permits reverse transcription-PCR amplification at over 70°C with no need for a separate reverse transcription step. Amplification of viral and cellular RNA up to 400 bp in length can be performed in 30 minutes. Just add primers, RNA template, and cycle. Results are analyzed with real-time or end-point methods.
This Product is made by:

Lucigen was founded in 1998 to develop novel, useful products and technologies for advancing life science research. Our unique kits and methods are used by researchers worldwide to achieve dramatic advances in gene cloning, genomics, and protein expression. These products allow successful cloning of genes and genomes that have been impossible to obtain with standard methods. Lucigen’s exclusive DNA library construction services are used worldwide to streamline genomic research projects, both large and small, saving time, effort, and research dollars.

Lucigen’s products are used in-house as well to meet the challenges of our enzyme discovery program. We have isolated novel molecules from organisms that inhabit -extreme environments, which have remarkable nucleic acid amplification properties and have proven useful in genomic research, diagnostics, and drug discovery. In addition, thermostable enzymes that degrade carbohydrates may increase the efficiency of ethanol biofuel production. Our discovery of several such enzymes led to the spinoff from Lucigen of C5•6 Technologies, Inc., in 2006.