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Molecular Biology
PCR, DNA release, and DNA clean-up reagents
Cambio offers Microzone's MegaMix, microLysis, and MicroClean reagents designed as convenient and efficient solutions for PCR, DNA release, and DNA clean-up respectively.
Thanks to their standardized formulation, these reagents increase the reproducibility of DNA amplification, giving researchers the upmost confidence in their methods, and therefore their results. MegaMix is a PCR master mix containing all the fixed components needed for PCR amplification, including an enzyme cocktail consisting of two Taq polymerases, dNTPs, MgCl2, reaction buffers and enzyme stabilizers. All these components are optimized to maximize yield with minimal non-specific background and the product is exceptionally easy to use – the MegaMix just has to be thawed, the recommended volume drawn and DNA and primers added. MegaMix can survive multiple freeze/thaw cycles without deterioration of either product or function. MegaMix is also available with dye to allow easy visualization, and double concentrated for added convenience.
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