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Nucleic-acid technologies: PCR
PCR Instruments
The Eppendorf Mastercycler nexus family of PCR instruments is designed to offer reproducibility, low noise emission, and the versatility to use all types of consumables.
Up to three units may be combined for higher throughput, while software capability enables users to access a booking schedule for the instrument and receive email notification when the PCR cycle is finished. Low energy consumption and a small footprint add to the advantages for both academic and industrial research laboratories. Designed to be affordable, flexible, and reliable, the instruments incorporate the company’s flexlid concept with automatic height adjustment of the lid.
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Eppendorf is a biotech company which develops, produces and distributes systems for use in life-science research laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes, dispensers and centrifuges as well as consumables such as micro test tubes and pipette tips. In addition, Eppendorf provides instruments and systems for cell manipulation, automated devices for liquid handling, complete equipment for DNA amplification and biochips. A series of complementary products manufactured by ourselves and other companies round off this product range.