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Fluorescence Microscopy, Imaging
Penta-Sedat multiband fluorescence filter set
Semrock's Penta-Sedat multiband fluorescence filter set DA/FI/TR/Cy5/Cy7-5X5M enables imaging of five distinct fluorophores simultaneously.
With the creation of the unique penta-beamsplitter, FF408/504/581/667/672-Di01, and an improved Cy7 emitter, FF02-809/81, the set allows for high-speed imaging into the near-infrared for in vivo and tissue applications, with up to four visible labels in addition. When used in higher-performance microscopes equipped with filter wheels, the quicker analysis time can bring down the overall cost of research and reduces diagnosis time. At the heart of this new filter set is an innovative penta-beamsplitter, with guaranteed transmission, reflection, and edge steepness every bit as good as single-edge dichroic beamsplitters.
This Product is made by:
Semrock, a Unit of IDEX Corporation, manufactures, in volume, quality optical filters of proven reliability that have set the standard for biotech and analytical instrumentation applications.