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Automated Sample Preparation
Pipetman Neo
The Pipetman Neo is designed to pipet for longer periods of time.
GILSON introduced the Pipetman Neo, which is offered in both single and multichannel options. Specially engineered springs help to reduce pipetting forces by up to 50% allowing users to pipet longer without concern for arm or wrist fatigue. Pipetman Neo also includes a quick-release tip ejector for reduced ejection forces, easier cleaning and maintenance and longer-term robustness, according to Gilson. The range comprises of 6 models from 0.2µl to 1000µl. The Pipetman Neo single channel is distinguished by a white triangle at the base of the tip ejector assembly.
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Gilson manufactures HPLC systems, high-throughput robotic workstations, pipettes, fraction collectors, SPE systems, detectors, injectors, and much more. From liquid chromatography to liquid handling instruments, Gilson delivers high-quality, dependable solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.