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Pre-designed CompoZr Knockout zinc finger nucleases
Sigma Life Science's pre-designed CompoZr Knockout zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs) are designed to knockout any gene in the human genome.
Priced to fit within the budget of a typical laboratory, these ZFNs can generate permanent and heritable gene knockouts in human cell lines within weeks. Sigma has designed CompoZr ZFNs that will produce a knockout in each gene by inducing a double-strand break at a defined site within the gene’s first three exons. This double strand break stimulates the cell's natural DNA repair pathways, resulting in a permanent, site-specific deletion or mutation that disrupts the gene’s function. Robust and on-target gene knockout using CompoZr Knockout ZFNs is guaranteed by functional validation prior to shipment and unique enhancements to the DNA-recognition and cleavage ZFN subunits. More sophisticated genetic modifications, such as single nucleotide substitutions, can be generated through Sigma Life Science’s CompoZr Custom ZFN Service.
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