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Cell Culture
Primary corneal epithelial cells
ATCC's normal human primary corneal epithelial cells provide an alternative test method platform for toxicological assays.
They can also be used in research related to gene regulation, tissue development, wound healing, cell-matrix interactions, and drug development. These cells have undergone sterility testing for bacteria, yeast, fungi and Mycoplasma, as well as viral testing for HIV and HCV. A certificate of analysis is available for each lot of cells upon request. The cells are cryopreserved in the second passage to ensure the greatest purity coupled with high viability and plating efficiency. Each lot are performance tested with a matched set of components including media, growth factors, and reagents. Corneal Epithelial Cell Basal Media contains essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, other organic compounds, trace minerals, and inorganic salts in a formula designed to support proliferation of cells originating from a human cornea. When grown in Corneal Epithelial Cell Basal Medium supplemented with Corneal Epithelial Cell Growth Kit components, ATCC warrants the viability and growth performance of Human Primary Corneal Epithelial Cells. Each lot is tested to ensure that the cells will grow for three passages and maintain normal morphology. Use of the complete Primary Cell Solutions system removes the need for additional components such as feeder layers, extracellular matrix proteins or other substrates.
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