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Nucleic-acid technologies: PCR
Primer reagents for the detection of cancer mutations
Swift Biosciences myT Primer reagents are designed for the detection of key cancer mutations.
The primers provide an increased level of confidence and convenience in qPCR assays. The reagents have unique structural and thermodynamic properties that enable highly sensitive mismatch discrimination. The extreme selectivity and reproducibility of these primers results in an assay that gives a definitive answer and eliminates the need to use a delta Ct method to call a result. myT BRAF, the first product in the myT Primer line, is designed to detect 1% mutant BRAF V600E/K present in a background of 103 wild-type genomic DNA copies with no breakthrough amplification from wild-type. myT BRAF performs well with either FFPE or fresh frozen samples. Each myT BRAF package includes sufficient reagents to assess up to 28 samples plus a positive and a negative control.
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