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Analytical Chemistry , Proteomics
Protein Separation Gels
Lonza’s PAGEr EX gels are designed to deliver broad separation of proteins in 20 minutes or less.
These gels are stable for 12 months at 4°C and work in most popular chambers. ProSieve EX protein buffer and staining reagents are designed to deliver fast separation, staining, and blotting, reducing the entire processing time to less than 30 minutes as opposed to hours with conventional methods.
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Lonza Cologne is one of the leading premium suppliers of the cell discovery market with leading edge proprietary techniques in the well defined market niches of transfection systems which complement and expand existing portfolios.New products include the leading and unique Nucleofector® Technology, a transfection method which enables efficient and reproducible transfer of various substrates such as DNA, RNA or peptides into cells that are considered difficult or even impossible to transfect.