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Cell Biology, Image Capture and Analysis
Synbiosis announced the release of its new multi-application ProtoCOL UV automated colony counting and zone measurement system. The ProtoCOL UV, based on upto- the-minute imaging technology, has a high-resolution camera inside a light-tight darkroom, with built-in UV and white light. This system is able to image fluorescing and visible colonies, as well as inhibition zones. According to the company, the system is easy to connect to a PC, allowing researchers to capture, print, and save accurate images in BMP format. The images can then be used for archiving or analysis with ProtoCOL v.1.4 software, which is included with the system. Synbiosis reports that the system’s universal darkroom is designed for many different applications. For example, it can accommodate standard pour, spiral, or surface inoculated plates, as well as large bioassay and single radial immunodiffusion (SRD) plates.
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Synbiosis is a world leading supplier of automated colony counters and zone measurement systems for any microbiology application.