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Genotyping/SNP Analysis
SNP genotyping array
The BioMark 96.96 Dynamic Array from Fluidigm Europe is an integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) design to perform 9216 simultaneous real-time PCR experiments running TaqMan assays in nanoliter quantities. The array provides the flexibility of a microwell plate and the density of a microarray in one easy-to-use consumable. IFCs meter, multiplex, and combine nanoliter volumes of fluids, with precise control and reproducibility, many thousands of times, in parallel, on a single chip. Researchers can set up 9216 experiments with just 192 pipetting steps. For researchers focused on gene expression analysis, the arrays can be used to identify or validate large panels of genes that might predict cancer progression or help determine treatment options.
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Fluidigm develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC) systems that significantly improve productivity in life science research. Fluidigm’s IFCs enable the simultaneous performance of thousands of sophisticated biochemical measurements in extremely minute volumes. These “integrated circuits for biology” are made possible by miniaturizing and integrating liquid handling components on a single microfluidic device (IFC). Fluidigm’s IFC systems, consisting of instrumentation, software and single-use IFCs, increase throughput, decrease costs and enhance sensitivity compared to conventional laboratory systems. Fluidigm products have not been cleared or approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as a diagnostic and are only available for research use.

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