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Antibody-based Protein Detection (Western, ELISA, IF, IP, IHC)
STEM antibody reagents
STEM101, STEM121 and STEM123 antibody reagents from StemCells, Inc. are designed to improve the visualization of human cells, including human stem cells and their progeny.
These antibodies provide powerful, cost-effective tools for the detection, tracking, and characterization of human cells both in vitro and when transplanted into animal models of human diseases. STEM101, STEM121 and STEM123 are human-specific mouse monoclonal antibodies that have been extensively used to detect the engraftment, migration, and differentiation of human neural stem cells and human liver engrafting cells (hLEC) transplanted into rodents. These antibodies can be used for immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence applications such as: - Quantifying the location and number of engrafted cells - Tracking the migration pattern of engrafted cells - Determining the nature of engrafted cells - Identifying specific differentiated human-derived cells such as astrocytes STEM101 recognizes the Ku80 protein found in human nuclei, STEM121 recognizes a cytoplasmic protein of human cells, and STEM123 recognizes human glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP).
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StemCells, Inc. is applying its scientific and industry leadership in stem cell biology to discover, develop and commercialize breakthrough therapeutics and enabling tools and technologies for use in stem cell-based research and drug discovery.