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Cell Culture
STEMCELL Technologies STEMcircles is a virus-free technique used for the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells.
STEMcircles involves introducing reprogramming factors to cells using tiny circles of DNA. Unlike other techniques, this method, which is based on standard molecular biology practices, does not use viruses to introduce genes into the cells. Instead these DNA minicircles do not integrate into the genome and are naturally lost as the cells divide, overcoming some the safety concerns associated with current reprogramming methods. The technique works because the vector contains the minimal DNA sequences necessary for reprogramming. Unlike the larger, more commonly used DNA plasmids, the minicircles contain no bacterial plasmid backbone DNA and as such are able to evade silencing mechanisms that cells naturally use against foreign DNA. The result is more robust gene expression, and superior reprogramming over that of regular DNA plasmids.
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STEMCELL Technologies is committed to supporting stem cell and many other areas of life science research worldwide by providing enabling research tools that are innovative, timely and of consistently high quality. STEMCELL's specialized media and cell separation products are available for a wide range of research applications, and are complemented by a diverse array of cytokines, antibodies, tissue culture reagents, as well as services including contract assays, proficiency testing, and training.