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Scaleview Objective Lens with 4-mm Working Distance
Olympus’s XLPLN25XSVMP Scaleview 25x objective lens is designed for the deep imaging of thick biological samples.
The new objective has a super-long-working-distance of 4mm and works alongside Olympus’s new Scaleview-A2 clearing agent, which renders samples nearly translucent while preserving fluorescent signals. The objective is optimized to match the refractive index properties of the clearing agent. When used as part of a complete Olympus FluoView FV1000MPE multiphoton system, the new objective makes it possible to peer deeper into samples than ever before, allowing you to generate truly insightful results from intact specimens. The objective and reagent are designed to boost the capabilities of multiphoton microscopy, allowing accurate reconstructions up to a depth of 4mm to be generated using fluorescent markers. Olympus America, Inc.,
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