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Molecular Biology
Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge
The Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge is designed to be a compact, economical model which comes with three different rotors for use in a wide range of bioscience research applications.
Designed with a small footprint to fit easily even where space is limited, the Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge is reportedly easy to use. An on/off switch enables the lid to be closed without starting the unit and when the lid is opened, the centrifuge stops automatically. For added value and versatility, the Scie-Plas Mini Centrifuge includes three rotors: a 6-place rotor for 1.5ml tubes, a 0.2 mL PCR strip rotor, and a 1” x 3” slide rotor. A maximum speed of 6000 rpm / 2000 x g for spinning down samples, in micro gel filtration applications and for micro-volume centrifugation.
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