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Molecular Biology
ScreenTape R6K product for rapid RNA sample quality control
Lab901's ScreenTape R6K product for rapid RNA sample quality control (RNA QC) generates results in as little as one minute per sample and extends the use of Lab901’s existing bench-top TapeStation instrument, which has already started to make a global impact in the PCR diagnostics and protein electrophoresis markets. ScreenTape R6K is a next-generation platform for RNA QC which automatically delivers an objective quality metric for total RNA - the ScreenTape Degradation Value - prior to expensive and time-consuming experiments such as DNA microarray and qRT-PCR. Lab901’s ScreenTape platform eliminates steps such as gel reagent prep, chip priming and chip-vortexing. Cross priming and sample carry-over problems are eliminated as ScreenTape R6K uses an individual micro-gel for each sample analysis. Unlike the leading chip-based systems, Lab901’s ScreenTape device can be used more than once. Customers are able to run as little as one sample, reserving the rest of the available channels for future experiments. As a result, customers are no longer required to batch samples together or throw away unused portions of the consumable, which improves the RNA QC workflow and saves money.
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Lab901, based in Edinburgh, UK, is a leading laboratory automation company. Lab901 has been selling its D800 and DS12 DNA ScreenTape products into the PCR diagnostics market for the past 18 months and has now shipped over 70 systems globally. ScreenTape is manufactured at Lab901’s production facility in Loanhead, Edinburgh.