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Cell Biology
SeraSure FBS cell culture Fetal Bovine Serum PCR-tested negative for BVD
SeraCare Life Sciences SeraSure FBS is a cell culture Fetal Bovine Serum PCR-tested negative for BVD. While FBS providers have historically assured customers that their serum is tested for bovine diarrhea virus (BVD), those results are not always conclusive.
As a result, many customers opt to use chemical or irradiation processes to inactivate the virus, adding time and expense to their projects and potentially affecting downstream applications. SeraCare employs PCR testing at both the collection pool stage and the finished goods stage, with serum collected from dedicated harvest facilities to ensure high quality and consistency across lots. Customers can test and sample multiple lots prior to purchase to ensure the right fit for their particular assay, and can obtain SeraSure FBS in large lots to meet high-volume research needs. Upon request, SeraCare will reserve SeraSure FBS in customer-specified quantities while lots are being sampled, to ensure a readily available supply when needed.
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