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Server for Whole Slide Images
The latest version of Simagis Live server is designed to provide administrators with an option to archive and store digital slides in a version of TIFF format also known as BigTiff or Aperio SVS file format.
Advantage is that it is open and supported by the latest version of public Libtiff library. It is also supported by free desktop software applications such as Aperio’s ImageScope slide viewer. Simagis Live servers support various compression options for SVS files including both lossy JPEG compression and lossless options such as JPEG2000 or LZW that may be required by FDA in the future to preserve diagnostic image quality.
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We provide web servers and applications for viewing, sharing and analyzing whole slide images. Our servers support most digital slide formats, can be easily integrated with various scanners for a single click slide upload, and deployed on premises or on High Performance Computing Cloud. For details about technology and solutions manufacturers and integrators may contact [email protected] . End-users can learn more and sign-up for free web service at