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DNA Isolation & Purification, RNA Isolation & Purification
Soil DNA isolation kit and water RNA/DNA purification kit
Norgen Biotek Corp. announced the launch of two new kits for the isolation of nucleic acids from environmental samples: the Soil DNA Isolation Kit and the Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit. According to Norgen BioTek, These kits are ideal for environmental microbiological studies, and provide high-quality, inhibitor-free RNA and/or DNA that can be used in various downstream applications such as PCR. The Soil Kit allows for the isolation of genomic DNA from various microorganisms found in all types of soil samples, including soil with high humic acid content, such as compost and manure. The company reports that the purified DNA is of the highest quality and is fully compatible with downstream PCR applications, as humic substances and other PCR inhibitors are removed during the isolation.
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Norgen Biotek Corp. is an innovative, biotechnology company focusing principally on advancing novel, innovative sample preparation products for nucleic acid (DNA & RNA) and protein purification, clean-up and concentration. Norgen has one platform technology with many applications based on a proprietary resin that can be applied in the purification of DNA, RNA and proteins. The uniqueness and novelty of this technology has been recognized by the National Research Council through awarding Norgen the prestigious “Innovation Leader Award for 2003”. The company holds more than a dozen issued patents and several others are pending. Norgen currently manufactures over 40 products that are used by researchers working in genomics and proteomics in academia, pharma/biotech companies, and government institutions. These products are based on Norgen’s novel technology and include: RNA purification kits, ProteoSpin™ brand protein kits, DNA kits and molecular weight ladders.