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Molecular Biology
Sonication Device for Chromatin and DNA Shearing
Diagenode's Bioruptor Pico is designed to be an innovative all-in-one sonication device for chromatin and DNA shearing optimized for shearing micro-volumes of 5 L to larger volumes of up to 2 mL.
This wide range enables a large variety of applications such as DNA shearing for next generation sequencing library preparation, RNA shearing, and chromatin shearing. Diagenode has released data that can viewed here that exemplify the performance of the instrument for chromatin and DNA shearing. The company also offers a number of epigenetics products that can be used downstream in the ChIP and ChIP-seq workflow after shearing with the instrument.
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Diagenode is an international life sciences company that develops and commercializes innovative instruments and reagents systems for life science research and molecular diagnostics. Founded in 2003 in Liège (Belgium), Diagenode is a global company, with headquarters in Liege, Belgium and Delville, NJ, USA. Diagenode technologies and products can also be purchased through our extensive dealer network.