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SpectroLinker XL-1000 UV crosslinker
The Spectrolinker XL-1000 UV crosslinker was released by the Spectronics Corporation for applications including the eliminating PCR contamination, cross-linking DNA and RNA, nicking ethidium-bromide stained DNA, gene mapping, Rec A mutation screening and testing, UV sterilization, UV-induced polymerization, and UV intensity monitoring. The system also comes with a smart microprocessor controller and true UV monitoring circuitry which allow for results to be released faster and error free. The UV-monitoring guarantees set dosage is delivered protecting important test results from washout damage. The system increases the visibility of samples on autoradiograms, which can help provide better analysis. The system has four operation modes, built-in help messages, and an auto-repeat function. It is equipped with five 8-watt 254-nm tubes. 312- and 365-nm tubes are also available. Spectronics Corporation |
This Product is made by:

Spectronics Corporation manufactures more than 1,000 different UV, UV/Blue™ and LED products for literally hundreds of markets and applications.

Spectronics invented fluorescent leak detection in 1955 and has been the premier supplier of ultraviolet dyes and inspection lamps to the automotive, HVAC/R and industrial markets for over half a century.

In the laboratory and life science fields, Spectroline® transilluminators produce outstanding uniform UV intensity and brilliant fluorescent sample response. Our crosslinkers provide precise UV dosage and membrane binding. Spectroline® UV lamps and radiometers are widely used for medical diagnosis and treatment.