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SplitKits for trypsin-free cell harvesting
Sera Laboratories' SplitKits cell dissociation system is the first specifically designed for use in both serum-based and serum-free methodologies.
Developed using a vegetable-based component rather than trypsin, the kits avoid risk of contamination with either animal or human viruses or bacteria. Independent studies conducted in both research and biopharmaceutical laboratories have shown that SplitKits encourage faster cell dissociation than trypsin. Greater control of the dissociation process produces homogeneous cell suspensions with minimal batch-to-batch variation. The gentle action of the vegetable-based enzyme gives higher cell yields and better cell growth recovery following detachment. In addition, surface epitopes and cell membranes remain unaltered and fully functional, making the kits ideal for use in flow cytometry. Each kit is composed of vegetable-based enzymatic reagent (SplitCells), AntiSplitCells, and SplitCells buffer, to make a fully flexible cell dissociation system that can perform at ambient temperature. There are three different formats in the SplitKits range, each being optimised for use with specific cell types: SplitKit Strong, for strongly adherent and bioreactor-cultured cells: SplitKit Moderate for moderately adherent cells; and SplitKit Mild for mildly adherent cells.
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Founded in 1998, Sera Laboratories International Ltd (Sera Lab), the serum specialist, is a leading supplier of core biomedical products and services for clinical and research diagnostics, drug discovery, and development, and life science research. With headquarters and storage in the UK and a cell culture research facility in France, Sera Lab offers the most complete range of animal-based research products in Europe from a wide variety of origins. Sera Lab supplies laboratories in over 30 countries throughout the world, either directly or through distributors. A new UK production facility at a sister company has further expanded the company’s capabilities and capacity.