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Nucleic-acid technologies: PCR
SsoFast EvaGreen control assay
The SsoFast EvaGreen control assay from Bio-Rad Laboratories is a prepackaged kit that helps labs verify their real-time PCR instrument performance.
Large labs experiencing frequent personnel changes can use the control assay to train new users on real-time PCR experiment set up, instrument operation, and data analysis, and to verify that all users can obtain consistent results. The assay provides: • Broad dynamic range over six orders of magnitude, from 102 to 108 copies of template • High efficiency and R2 (greater than 90% efficiency and R2 > 0.99 with good laboratory technique) • Fast run times (50 min including a melt curve on the CFX96 real-time detection system) The kit contains enough reagents to run a standard curve three times and includes control template DNA and primers, SsoFast EvaGreen supermix, nuclease-free water, and recommended cycling protocols as well as instructions on how to set up a standard curve.
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