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Molecular Biology
Thermobond II manual heat sealer
The Thermobond II manual heat sealer from Porvair Sciences Ltd. has been designed to seal polypropylene collection plates, PCR plates, microplates, and deep well blocks with a specially prepared pierceable film or foil. Sealing plates prevents sample evaporation and leakage during storage and transportation. The instrumetn applies heat through the surface of the film, creating a fine melt of the coating to the plate being sealed. No adhesives are used. High sample integrity is maintained as no heat is transferred to the sample during sealing. After sealing, the plate seal can be pierced and the liquid easily pipetted out. The insutrment incorporates an ergonomically designed reciprocating handle to minimise repetitive strain injury (RSI) risk while creating a reproducible, high integrity seal every time. The plane parallel action of the reciprocating handle ensures even sealing across the plate preventing sample evaporation or leakage during storage and transportation. A digital timer and temperature display further enhance the ease of reproducibly sealing microplates.