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Molecular Biology
Thunderstorm system
RainDance Technologies' ThunderStorm system is an automated high-throughput targeted sequencing solution designed to enable researchers to determine all variation contained in any region of the genome.
The system supports a wide range of sequencing applications, including candidate gene screening, genome-wide association study (GWAS) follow-up, deep sequencing of heterogeneous tumor samples, medical genetics, and targeted methylation analysis. The system is a next-generation targeted sequencing solution that overcomes the limitations of traditional multiplex amplification and hybridization methods with increased accuracy and greater coverage uniformity. The system is capable of simultaneously generating millions of unique droplet-based single molecule PCR reactions for targeting disease-specific loci. With “walk-away” capabilities for automatically processing up to 96 samples per run, the system offers higher daily sample throughput with lower costs and hands-on time when compared to current enrichment methods. Using the system's unique smart consumables, researchers can process two samples per chip and eliminate sequencing library preparation costs. The system is compatible with all next-generation sequencing platforms.
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