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High-Throughput Screening, Nucleic-acid technologies: RNA, siRNA
Integrated DNA Technologies has introduced Transductin, a new peptide-based double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) transduction delivery system. Transductin, a small fusion protein comprised of multiple Peptide Transduction Domains connected to a Double-Stranded RNA Binding Domain, is intended for in vitro testing and high-throughput screening projects. Transductin complexes with dsRNAs, such as IDT’s Dicer-substrate siRNAs, and delivers them across cell membranes via macropinocytosis. This mechanism minimizes the risk of having the dsRNA trigger an innate immune response and has virtually no toxicity, according to the company. This system enables delivery of dsRNAs to almost all cell types, including JAWSII, PC12, primary cells and human stem cells. Transductin is licensed from Traversa Therapeutics for research applications.
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