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Transmitted-Light Bases for Stereomicroscopes
Leica Microsystems’ transmitted-light bases are designed for a variety of stereo and macroscope applications from documentation of single cells to screening of whole animals.
The Leica TL3000 ST transmitted-light base has an integrated, innovative halogen illumination system that guarantees perfect conditions for viewing transmitted-light specimens. The Leica TL4000 BFDF darkfield base is suitable for observing stained amplitude specimens. With its rapid switching between bright and darkfield as well as its sensitive deflection mirror adjustment, the base is optimal for semi-transparent specimens such as embryos. With the Rottermann Contrast technology, the Leica TL4000 RC and TL4000 RCI transmitted-light bases permit refractive index variations to be displayed as differences in brightness. The new flat LED powered Leica TL5000 Ergo with a homogenous field of view with a 65-mm diameter is optimized for single cells to whole animal examinations.
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