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Tri-functional Molecule for Neuronal Tracing and Cell Filling
Vector Laboratories' Neurobiotin 488 Tracer is a new tri-functional molecule designed for neuronal tracing and cell filling.
It is an amine containing derivative of biotin conjugated with a bright green fluorophore (similar in fluorescence to fluorescein, Cy2 or AlexaFluor 488). The molecule is transported along axons and fine projections and readily fixed with standard aldehyde based fixatives. It can be viewed directly via fluorescence microscopy or subsequently detected with a choice of (strept)avidin reagents for light microscopy and archiving of the preparation. Neurobiotin 488 is compatible with patch clamp applications and pressure injection methods. Neurobiotin 488 is provided as Cat. No. SP-1125 in a 2 mg package and is also accompanied with "Guidelines for Intracellular Labeling" and a Certificate of Analysis.
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