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UV-Gain Flattening Filters
Omega Optical's new UV-Gain Flattening Filter (XUVGFF) is designed to achieve OD 5 average attenuation at the red and NIR wavelengths while transmitting nearly 50% of the prominent UV A, B, and C regions.
The filter OD 1.0 points are 220 and 320 nm, with attenuation reaching OD 4.0 by 450 nm. The XUVGFF helps to resolve common issues with excessive system sensitivity in the red region (600 – 1000 nm) for silicon based detectors. The extreme red sensitivity of silicon detectors limits the dynamic range in the deep UV region. Omega Optical developed this unique gain flattening filter for many applications that seek to achieve a broad spectral region of near uniform response extending from the visible into the UV A, B, and C regions.
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