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Analytical Chemistry , Spectroscopy
Vision Life Science Spectrophotometers
Hoefer, Inc. has announced the introduction of the Vision Life Science Spectrophotometers.The instruments include 16 predefined methodologies for nucleic acid quantification (DNA, RNA and oligonucleotides), protein assays (BCA, Lowry, biuret) kinetics, standard curve, cell density measurements and CY DYE for labeling of PCR Probes. The Vision can accommodate up to 90 custom protocols and has rapid scanning, kinetics and concentration capabilities. The Visio The Vision has novel Gifford optics for high energy combined with a Xenon source for long life and includes a integral cuvette tray for cell storage and sample support. It can optionally include an integrated printer and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
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Hoefer®, Inc. is world-renowned as the premier supplier of gel electrophoresis equipment and related products that have helped life researchers discover solutions to their most challenging scientific problems.