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Vitom HD microimaging system
Optronics' Vitom HD extracorporeal visualization system is designed for research and experimental microsurgery and micro-dissection.
The system is a Karl Storz optical instrument coupled with a 1080p full high definition camera system that creates ergonomic high-definition research visualization system for research applications. The optics of the system incorporates the world renowned Hopkins II rod-lens system, using a combination of rod lenses with multi-layered anti-reflective coatings and integrated fiber optics that create a viewing experience through efficient light transmission. The optical design increases working distance to 25 cm-60 cm and depth of field up to 6 cm which surpasses traditional surgical and stereo microscopes. The system uses full 1920x1080 imaging technology to create an immersive visualization, documentation, and teaching experience improving the workflow throughout laboratory environments.
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